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Wait 4 hours for a donut!

Have you guys seen titles like this online?

Mister Donut, the most popular doughnut shop in Japan, had a temporary store open for a month starting in mid-July. *The store closed on 14 August.

Originally an American company, but Japan seems to be their main market now.

According to the Facebook page of WAttention Plaza, where the store was located, about 77,000 doughnuts were sold.

I went there once on a weekday afternoon in August and had to wait for an hour. I loved the Mister Donut donut’s doughnuts my parents used to buy for me when I was a kid, and I wanted to enjoy that taste for the first time in a long time, so I did my best to get in line.

Customer was only allowed to buy up to 10 doughnuts per person, but it was enough for me, and the taste of those doughnuts that I had always eaten was very impressive!!

The Pon de Ring (eight small doughnuts in a circle with a chewy texture), which are very popular in Japan, were so popular that I was only able to buy one that was left when I was there.

Still, it was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had recently to be able to eat them at home.

Has anyone else reading this post had one? Did you not get to eat it? But hold out hope, because 8DAYS reports that they're planning to open a permanent franchise!

If that taste comes back to Singapore again, I hope more people will go there next time!


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