Lim Shi Hui

Working Professional

Unlike the usual style of learning from textbooks and memorizing the contents, I also got to learn through Japanese music, drama and movies. That raised my interest in studying the language and deepened my knowledge of Japanese culture. It also played a big role in training my listening skills.


On top of that, Moriyama sensei is a very dedicated teacher. He spends lots of time preparing for his classes seriously. Thanks to Moriyama sensei, I was able to find a job in Japan and fulfil my dream of living there! I also managed to pass N1 thereafter. I am thankful to Moriyama sensei for his teachings. To everyone who is interested in picking up the language, do try out his lessons!

Victor Lee

Final-year Medical Student

I first met Moriyama sensei 5 years ago when he was my Japanese teacher for JLPT 2 Preparatory Class, and for as long as I remember he has been passionate about teaching the Japanese language. He constantly looks for ways to help students learn better. For example, he has frequent Facebook posts on Japanese grammar. I have been looking for a conversational Japanese class for advanced learners and promptly joined his 'Highly Advanced' Japanese class. It is an excellent platform for students to speak up. If you want to learn the Japanese language well, please consider signing up with Tomo Japanese Language School!

Natalie Toh


Tomoki-sensei, who has come to Singapore all the way from Japan, is a passionate teacher who keeps his lessons engaging and ensures that all his students get the opportunity to practise conversational and writing skills during lessons. He also speaks pretty good English, which allows effective conduct of lessons and students can always feel free to make clarification when in doubt. In addition, Tomoki sensei is also very experienced and willing to help his students in their learning, be it coming earlier to brief a student who missed his/her previous lesson or making Japan travel recommendation. 


More importantly, in Tomo Japanese Language School, you get to make new friends and learn the language together with people who share similar interests!  

I remember that in the first class I attended, lesson materials were well prepared by sensei and we immediately started learning the basics through simple self-introduction. Occasionally, everyone will break into laughter, and there was no awkwardness and one can feel one another's sincerity towards learning the language. Lessons are fruitful and enjoyable, and we also get to eat yummy snacks during class! One can feel Tomoki sensei's zest and positivity just by reading his Facebook posts!  ^_^ What is more important than laying a good foundation by learning from a native Japanese? All you need is to take the first step and go for it.

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Soh Eng Shing

Working Professional

I have studied Japanese language under the tutelage of Moriyama sensei since 2007. Even though I've passed JLPT N1 and truly mastered Japanese about 4 years ago, I still continue to attend his classes to improve my standard and continue practising my skills.


From basic hiragana to advanced conversation, Moriyama sensei has always strive to make every lesson interesting. Not only do I study Japanese language in class, I also learn about the Japanese culture as well as the History of Japan. Moriyama sensei always has interesting anecdotes  and unique viewpoints to spice up the lessons. People may think learning a language is dry and involves a lot of memorising but lessons by Moriyama sensei will prove this wrong. I always look forward to Japanese lessons so I can interact with sensei and other classmates from different backgrounds. If I were to choose a teacher to learn Japanese again, I will definitely choose Moriyama sensei!

Kaela Ng

Working Professional

Learning Japanese can be very challenging and strenuous with lots of new vocabulary and grammar to pick up and remember, and although theoretical studies are required, Moriyama sensei makes it easy by relating practical usage of the language and injecting fun into classes through music, videos, drama, anime and pictures!


Through his classes, I have also gained a greater appreciation and understanding of the Japanese language and culture and can relate this to my job in a Japanese bank. Brownie points to Sensei for all the great recommendation from Japanese food and books to exotic places of interests in Japan! 

Mandy Tan

Working Professional

I have no regrets taking up the Japanese Beginner Course at Tomo Japanese Language School. I'm currently learning at a basic level and I am able to communicate a little in Japanese with my Japanese colleagues, which is fun. Each of Tomoki sensei's class is fruitful and you can tell that he has thorough experience with the content and is able to pre-empt common mistakes made by learners.

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