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My favourite place “Enoshima” 🐬

Minasan konnichiwa! 👋

Today I would like to talk about my home town.

I lived in Kanagawa Prefecture for 13 years.

My favorite place was Enoshima.

Enoshima is famous for beach, shrine, cave, and aquarium, and I have often visited the Enoshima Aquarium since I was a little.🐬

After the Japanese scientist Mr. Osamu Shimomura won the Nobel Prize for jellyfish in 2008, I became especially interested in jellyfish and visited the aquarium frequently.🪼

The most famous food in Enoshima is whitebait ( In Japanese “ shirasu” ) which is small immature fish.

I am a big fan of raw shirasu and every summer I want to go to Enoshima to eat it! 🤩

It has a very delicate, unique and delicious flavor, so please try it when you visit Kanagawa.✨

And If you look at west side while walking on the Enoshima Benten Bridge, you can also see Mt. Fuji.🗻

It is worth visiting there!



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