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Tomo Japanese Language School promises to deliver the most interesting and effective Japanese lessons in Singapore. And if you think you it is sufficient to know only the language and pass JLPT, we will have you reconsider that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, besides the language, you can also learn about the Japanese culture and beyond?

Our lessons are designed in a way that you not only learn to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, better known as JLPT and which many Japanese learners aim to accomplish, but also be an all-rounded master of the language. The passing of JLPT means that you can read and listen well, but not write and speak fluently, two important skills which even many JLPT N1 holders lack.


Tomo Japanese Language School ensures that you can speak, read, write and listen to Japanese fluently. Beyond a Japanese language school, the lessons will introduce you to the culture of Japan including the society, arts and history, introduce practical applications, so that you know enough to even work in Japan.

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Tomo Japanese Language School's Unique Tomo Teaching Method emphasises on the speaking component more so than the other three. This unique teaching style is not available in many other Japanese language schools in Singapore, which use traditional ways of teaching that limit progress.


On top of that, Tomo Japanese Language School regularly sources high-quality and useful modern language textbooks in Japan, bringing together the best of teaching materials so as to propel students to master the language faster and with a high level of proficiency. 


Above all, what Tomo Japanese Language School promises is for you to learn Japanese in a fun and friendly environment because learning takes place the fastest when one is happy and enjoys the process. Over time, you will build up the confidence to speak, read, write and listen to Japanese fluently.

Teaching Method1

1. We provide shadowing practice to enable students to speak like a native Japanese!


In shadowing practice, you listen to a short conversation and shadow after it by immediately speaking exactly what you hear. It has proven to be a very useful method for learning languages, including Japanese. 

Many language learners struggle with listening and especially speaking. They are often able to think of what they want to say, but are not able to form a sentence on the spot. Shadowing enables your mind to respond intuitively in Japanese. Practicing shadowing regularly can help you to progress from merely knowing to applying what you have learnt in practical situations.

In Tomo Japanese Language School's lessons, we provide shadowing practice suitable for your level.

As you gain confidence in speaking the language, you will also start to enjoy conversations in Japanese. What is more useful about shadowing is that, besides listening and speaking, your reading skills will also improve. In addition, speech components like intonation and pronunciation will register in your mind and they will be reflected in your speech. By continuing to practice, you will get closer to the intonation and pronunciation of a native Japanese.

Teaching Method2

2. We teach useful expressions focusing on situations that you are likely to be in!


It is of course important to learn grammar in a structured and careful way. However, we believe that is not enough to help our students to merely speak in grammatically correct or textbook Japanese. At Tomo, teachers will present them with realistic situations related to daily life.

Since the situations are familiar to you, you can immediately use the grammar and expressions you have learned to talk about topics about yourself, your family and friends.

By doing so, you will definitely gain confidence in speaking Japanese.

Teaching Method3

3. We prioritise student speaking time in class!


Unknown to many, the way to master a language is to be able to speak it well. The skill of speaking, at least for the Japanese language, is the basis of communication. If one can speak Japanese well, the other communication skills, namely listening, reading and writing, will come naturally to the level even comparable to that of a native Japanese. 

For this reason, we provide each student a lot of time to speak in class.

The teaching portion is kept simple and easy to understand, and the remaining time is devoted to practicing what you have learnt.

Unique Tomo Teaching Method
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