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🇯🇵The Best Japanese Restaurant for Lunch in Singapore🥢

みなさんは 日本料理(にほんりょうり)が 好(す)きですか?🇯🇵

(Do you like the Japanese food?)

I love Japanese food, and I’m always looking for good Japanese restaurants in Singapore🇸🇬

Today, I would love to introduce my favorite restaurant I recently found!

You can have a very high-quality Japanese Lunch and they are wallet-friendly👍

🌟Bistro Du Le Pin

🍽Lunch: 11:30 am~2:00 pm (⚠️Tue~Fri )

This restaurant is located in Orchard Plaza, near the Tomo Japanese.

(Here is kind of hard to find, so it might take you longer than you think🚶‍♀️)

The chefs are Japanese, and they are really friendly:)

So you can try to talk with them in Japanese😂

(Of course in English too!)

In this restaurant all the food is really delicious, no matter what you eat!

I have been here for 4 times, and I had 4 different menus:)

・Bara Chirashi🐟

・Wagyu Hamburge🍴

・Kaki Fried🥢

・Karaage Chicken🐓

I like かきフライ(Kaki Fried) the most in this restaurant:)

And if you are looking for the best Kaki Fried in Singapore, Bistro Du Le Pin is definitely a place to have it.

You can have free green tea / cold water, and thin-sliced cabbage.

And the miso soup with calm or fish is so delicious😋

I can recommend this restaurant with confidence!

ぜひ 行(い)ってみてください😊

(You should go there!)



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