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🇯🇵You can enjoy eating Japanese home cooking in Singapore🍳

みなさんは 日本(にほん)の 家庭料理(かていりょうり)を 食(た)べたことが ありますか?🇯🇵

(Have you ever eaten Japanese home cooking?)

Most of you may have eaten Sushi, Ramen, Yakiniku, and Tempura🍣🍜

However, I think only a few people have eaten Japanese home cooking in Singapore🇸🇬

Today, I would love to introduce new coffeeshop stall serving Japanese dishes by a native Japanese lady!

You can have a very high-quality and real Japanese home cooking here👍


🍽Lunch: 11:30 am~2:30 pm

🌙Dinner: 5:00 pm~ 8:00 pm

(⚠️Tue~Sun, Mon close)

This restaurant is located at 703 Hougang Avenue2.

The chef is a Japanese lady, and she is really friendly:)

(Also she is famous in X📱🦁)

So you can try to talk with her in Japanese😂

(Of course in English too!)

Nadeshiko has 5 basic menus:)

・Miso Katsu Don🐷🍚

    (Miso Pork Cutlet on Rice)

・Krāge Tēshoku🐓

    (Japanese Style Fried Chicken w Rice)

・Shōgayaki Tēshoku🫚

    (Stir Fried Ginger Pork w Rice)

・Hamburg Stew Set🍽️

・Hot Udon🥢

    (Japanese Hot Noodle)

It was my first time visiting this stall, and I tried the Hamburg Stew Set(S$12)🍽️

You might think the price is a bit higher than other stalls, but it’s worth trying!

This Hamburg Stew Set tastes like my mother’s home cooking and made me cry😭🙏🏻✨

The texture is also big attractive point of this Hamburg Stew:)

It will melt in your mouth and go well with tomato sauce🍅

If you are looking for Japanese home cooking in Singapore, Nadeshiko is definitely a place to have it🫶

I can recommend this stall with confidence!

ぜひ 行(い)ってみてください😊

(You should go there!)



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