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White Day💐

Minasan konnichiwa!

It was Valentine's Day 2 weeks ago.

When I passed by a flower shop on that day, I saw many men buying flowers, which was very nice.💐

It was my first Valentine's Day in Singapore, so it was inspiring to see such a scene!

Because in Japan, it is common for women to give chocolates to men. 🍫

Chocolates are given not only to lovers, but also to friends, family and seniors.

By the way, do you know about White Day? 🤍

I recently heard that there is no White Day in Singapore. 

White Day is a day when people give gifts to their loved ones as a thank you for the gifts they received on Valentine's Day. 

It is said to be an event that originated in Japan, based on the unique gift-giving culture of Japan. 

Many men give gifts such as accessories as well as sweets on 14 March. 💍

In addition, women often give sweets on White Day in return for receiving chocolates from friends who did not give them on Valentine's Day. 

When I was in elementary school, school was overflowing with chocolates on Valentine's Day and White Day. 

It is a great opportunity to express gratitude through sweets, and it is a very nice culture!🎁



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