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Japanese CANNED CAKE Vending Machine

Japan has more vending machines than any other country. In fact, vending machines in Japan serve a wide variety of items from traditional drinks to unusual products such as ramen, meat and sashimi.

If you have a sweet tooth and like eating sweets, this unique canned cake in vending machine will satisfy your cravings.

This product is an authentic cake delicately arranged inside a clear plastic can (similar to cans used in alcoholic and carbonated beverages), with its eye-catching cross-section that appears entrancingly beautiful and incredibly unique

The most amazing news is this cake vending machine will be coming to Singapore (in Suntec City) from 16 September

Those canned cakes will reportedly be air-flown from Japan weekly, so you will be able to taste 100% of that Japanese goodness even in Singapore. The machines will be operating 24/7, and more machines are expected to appear islandwide by December.

The cake that appeals to me the most is the Original Strawberry Shortcake can ($11.80)

Besides signature flavours like Mango Passionfruit cake ($9.80) and Strawberry cake ($9.80), there will be Singapore exclusive flavours like Matcha cake ($8.80), Tiramisu cake ($9.80) and so on


Okashi Gaku’s vending machine is located at the entrance of Eat at Seven, #03-306/307, Suntec City North Wing


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