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Have you tried Monjayaki before?

Monjayaki and Okonomiyaki are similar Japanese dishes as both Japanese-style pancakes.

However, Monjayaki is sticky and flatter, and originally from Tokyo. For example, Tsukishima Street in Tokyo has over 50 shops and they serve various types of Monjya such as Mabo Monjya, Salmonmayo Monjya…etc I definitely recommend you to try it next time you are there or anywhere you know that serves it.

Moreover, Monjya is a very fun dish as you start with a bowl of chopped-up ingredients, then fry them on an iron plate yourself.

In Singapore, there are only a few restaurants which provide authentic Monjya in this fun way. In my personal experience, Nanjya Monjya offers the best taste and the most unique method. It is located in Riverside and they have been operating for almost 20 years with a great number of iron plates with seats You can enjoy making Monjya with Japanese staff.

I hope that you enjoy my recommendation.


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