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Have you ever tried Japanese Curry?🍛

Japanese Style Curry is now one of the most loved cuisines in the world.🍛

A website awarded Japanese Curry as the TOP of world cuisines.

Of course, it should be own opinion on what is the best dish in the world.

However, at least, we can say Japanese Curry is admired not only in Japan but World Wide.🗺️

Japanese Curry in restaurants are often served with Toppings such as cutlets or sausages.

The Katsu-Curry's origin is not very clear.

However, some say it was invented from a professional baseball player's demand.⚾️

Today, in Japan, the Katsu-Curry is sometimes eaten by some challengers, such as sports athletes and students before exams.

It is because the word “Katsu” has two meanings: deep-fried and win. 🏆

Today, I would like to introduce a good curry shop in Singapore.

Maruhachi Donburi and Curry has 9 brunches in Singapore.

One of their specialities is Pork-Katsu Curry (Curry with pork cutlet).

The taste is outstanding and real Japanese style!

Some famous Japanese people have visited and enjoyed their meal.

If you have never tried, I recommend you visit here once!


Tomo Japanese Language School


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