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New Airline " Air Japan" From Singapore to Narita (Tokyo) from 26th April!🇯🇵🛫✨

Did you hear that starting from April 26th, there's this new airline "Air Japan" that's going to start flying between Singapore and Narita Airport in Tokyo?😍🛫🇯🇵

It's a sister brand of ANA and it's this cool hybrid airline that balances comfort and affordable fares.✨

From what my friends tell me, finding an airline that's both comfy and affordable is key, and it looks like this could be a fresh option to consider!🥰

Now, they're planning to fly 5 times a week too!👍

Tickets are starting at 17,500 yen($155) for a one-way, which is a bit pricier than another budget airline, "Zipair," that's at 15,000 yen($133).

However, they seem to offer a bit more of a luxe vibe with comfortable seat spacing that will be on par with full-service airlines.✨

Like, with our beloved Scoot, we’ve got a ton of seat options, and sometimes you gotta pay extra to ensure you're comfy, but it seems we can easily ensure a comfortable seat here.💪😌

Another thing to note is, they've got this pre-order menu with dishes like oyakodon (1,600 yen, $14) and sushi (2,000 yen, $17).🍣🍽️

 I can’t believe they can serve such authentic menus, it will be the first time.💓

 Moreover, even if you forget to buy the pre-order menu, don’t worry. There are interesting menus you can buy on the plane as they have options like beef curry (1,200 yen, $10) and Ochazuke (1,000 yen, $8), and they even have baked sweet potato and warabi mochi.😝

 I've been let down by the food or service on some airlines before, but this airline seems pretty cool and can provide a taste of Japan with quality service before you land in Singapore.🥰

I personally am looking forward to trying it one day!!✨



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