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Do you know "Nagashi Somen"?

Are you confident in your chopsticks skills?🤨🥢

In Japan, where the weather is going to get hotter and summer is coming, there is a tradition called 'Nagashi Somen’.

Somen are very thin noodles made from salt, flour and water.

And Nagashi Somen is a fun Japanese eating style.

It uses a bamboo split in half lengthwise to pour water and Somen together, and you catch the noodles with your chopsticks, dip them in a cup of flavorful sauce and eat!

The flow of water is quite fast, so you need to be able to use chopsticks well to eat.⏩️⏩️

As a child, I did this every year at my grandparents' house, so I am confident in my use of chopsticks.😏

I was desperate to fill my stomach.💪

At a restaurant called Hirobun in Kibune, Kyoto, you can enjoy Nagashi Somen from May until the end of September!

Eating somen while watching the river flow in front of you is so refreshing and cool that you will forget the heat.

If you can't make it this year, there is also a Nagashi Somen slider you can buy.😂 But I think it is best to do it outside with bamboo.🎋

If you are going to Japan for the summer period, why not give it a try?


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