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Japanese Communication Games!🎲

Konnichiwa, everyone!

Today, I would like to introduce a Japanese game that can make improving your Japanese a lot of fun!

Learning Japanese can sometimes feel like a long and tedious journey.

However, integrating fun games into the learning process cannot only accelerate your progress but also make the journey much more enjoyable.

There are unique games specifically designed to boost your vocabulary.

I sometimes use these games during my lessons.

Additionally, locals in Japan often play these games during their social drinking sessions.

I highly recommend trying them out with your classmates and Japanese friends!

・Yamanotesen game

“Yamanotesen game” is based on a busy Tokyo train line. Players sit in a circle and take turns saying words from a category, like "Japanese food." If you repeat a word or take too long, you're out.

・Lawson de okaimono game

“The Lawson Shopping Game” lets players pretend to shop at Lawson, a popular Japanese convenience store. Players take turns purchasing an item and add it to a sequential list. The person who can't remember the purchased items loses.

・”Haa” tte iu game

"Saying Haa game" players act out a line in a given situation while others guess what it is. Only voice and face can be used, no gestures. It's a fun guessing game.


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