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◉The difference between [たくさん] and [いっぱい]

You may have learned “たくさん” as “a lot” in your lesson

⇨動物(どうぶつ)が たくさん います。

Doubutsu ga takusan imasu.

 (There are a lot of animals.)

On the other hand, you may have heard “いっぱい” as “a lot” too.

What is the difference between “たくさん” and “いっぱい”

Let’s check together:)


「たくさん」is used for expressing “a lot, many”

「たくさん」tends to be used for things that can be counted.

人(ひと)が たくさん います。

Hito ga takusan imasu.

(There are a lot of people.)

Also, たくさんhas one more meaning ”enough”

For example, you ate curry rice every day and got bored of eating it:)

You can say…

カレーは もう たくさんです!

Kree wa mou takusan desu!

(Enough is enough for eating curry😠🍛)

You can’t use “いっぱい” instead in this meaning.


「いっぱい」 is used for expressing that “a lot” and “full”

This is a little bit casual expression compared to 「たくさん」

「いっぱい」tends to be used for things that cannot be counted, like liquid.


Fuande ippai desu.

(I am full of anxiety.)

おなかが いっぱいです。

Onakaga ippai desu.

(I’m full.)

you can’t say [おなかが たくさんです] for it as Japanese can imagine “there are many おなか” in that sentence😂

I hope you enjoy learning Japanese👍✨


Tomo Japanese Language School


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