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Suju restaurant in Mandarin gallery

I would like to introduce Suju restaurant in Mandarin gallery Recently our principal Tomoki sensei introduced us to try this restaurant and I totally fell in love with their taste!

They serve various authentic and delicious home style dishes like Karaage, Sabamiso with rice and miso soup. Their menu is very simple but they are very dedicated and thoughtful with their food.

I ordered the Karaage set menu myself.

The Karaage was crispy and fried perfectly, I could tell that it required special skills. Also the rice was fluffy and shiny. It perfectly matches with the main dishes. I just regretted that I had known about this restaurant for the past four years and never visited it…

I can say that the quality and level of food is one of the best in Singapore I definitely recommend Japanese food lovers to try this restaurant. Also luckily now we can order their Bento by Grabfood!

I hope that you enjoy it there!


Tomo Japanese Language School


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