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Cute "Yuru-Kyara" in Japan🥰

Have you ever heard “ゆるキャラ (Yuru-Kyara)”?🐱🐶

The word "ゆるキャラ" is a combination of the Japanese words “ゆるい Yurui" (loose) and "キャラクター Character," which accurately describes the relaxed and informal design of these mascots. ゆるキャラ are often brightly coloured and feature exaggerated facial expressions, oversized heads, and cuddly body shapes.

にゃんごすたー, one of the unique ゆるキャラ came to Singapore and performed his drams on 25 Feb in Japan Travel Fair.

にゃんごすたー is an apple-shaped cat rock star who plays the drums, originating from and representing Aomori Prefecture.🐱🍎🥁

ゆるキャラ are widely used as a means of promoting regions in Japan.

By creating a character that is rooted in the local area and using it to promote the region's charms:)

One of the most famous and popular local ゆるキャラ is くまモン(Kumamon), representing Kumamoto Prefecture.

くまモン is the black bear character and has national and international fans.🐻

There are a lot of goods of くまモン.

みなさんは みたことが ありますか。(Have you ever seen Kumamon’s goods?)

Another unique ゆるキャラ is “ふなっしー (Funasshi-)🍐, the pear-shaped mascot for Funabashi City.

ふなっしー can speak and move lively, and appeared on various Japanese TV variety shows, entertaining viewers with its energetic and humorous personality.

My hometown, Nishinomiya City also has an official mascot character, called “みやたん (Miyatan)🎀”.

I saw みやたん everywhere in my hometown, and this character is really loved in Nishinomiya City.

Whether you're a fan of cute and cuddly things or simply interested in Japanese culture, ゆるキャラ are definitely worth checking out!

You can see ゆるきゃら of all regions in Japan from this site:)

Please find your favourite ゆるキャラ and let us know:)

Tomo Japaneseで すきな ゆるキャラに ついて はなしましょう:)

(Let’s talk about your favourite Yuru-Kyara in Tomo!)


Tomo Japanese Language School


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