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🇯🇵The Best Warabi-mochi in Singapore🥢

みなさんは わらび餅(もち)を 知(し)っていますか?

(Have you ever heard “Warabi-mochi” before?)

Warabi-mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert🇯🇵

It's typically made by mixing Warabi flour or bracken starch, sugar, and water.

The mixture is then formed into small balls and coated with Kinako (roasted soybean flour) or Matcha (powdered green tea).

Also, it’s delicious with Kuromitsu (brown sugar) syrup on it👍

Warabi-mochi is known for its silky smooth texture:)

Warabi-mochi is one of my favourite dessert in Japan, and I used to eat it when I was in Japan!

Today, I would love to introduce the new Warabi-mochi shop in Orchard!

🌟Warabimochi Kamakura

⏰11.30am - 3pm | 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Warabimochi Kamakura has over 50 outlets in Japan.

This shop is located on level one of Taste Orchard.

(If you live near Holland, you can visit another outlet in One Holland Village🙆‍♀️

Also, I found that they will open a new outlet at Takashimaya on Instagram.

You can enjoy Warabi-mochi and Warabi-mochi Drinks in this store!

I ordered a Arakawa-en Matcha a Warabi-mochi drink($5.9) and shared 5-piece Warabi-mochi($7.9) with my friend.

We should have gotten 10-Piece because the Warabi-mochi was really good, it was gone before I knew it😂

Of course, it is delicious eaten as is, and it is also delicious with kuromistu syrup made from authentic Okinawa brown sugar🥢

The texture is very light and silky-soft:)

The Warabi-mochi drink was also nice!

You can taste rich matcha flavors with warabi-mochi pieces.

This drink become one of my best drinks in Singapore:)

You should try this if you are a matcha lover🍵

If you are looking for delicious Warabi-mochi in Singapore, Warabimochi Kamakura definitely a place to have it🫶

I can recommend this store with confidence, it’s worth trying!

ぜひ 行(い)ってみてください😊

(You should go there!)



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