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ShinnSato Okinawa Cuisine is a must-try!

Do you like bitter gourd?😅 Some people do not like it due to its bitterness and it is not really used in Japanese cuisine either, but it is quite delicious in Okinawan dishes.🥰

Goya Champuru is a stir-fried combination of bitter gourd, tofu, and egg that creates a delicious and healthy meal.☺️ The bitterness of the goya is balanced with the savory flavors of the tofu and egg and it is so good!🥳

Chugging ice cold Orion Beer (Okinawan local beer brand) with Goya Champuru is THE BEST combination!🍻

The Goya Champuru at ShinnSato Okinawa Cuisine is especially a must-try!😋

Kazu Tomo Japanese Language School

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