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Have you ever organized a Takoyaki party at home?


Have you ever organized a Takoyaki party at home?

I definitely recommend you to organize it!

There are a few unique ways of using a Takoyaki machine Takoyaki is one of the most famous and delicious snacks in Japan,therefore we enjoy having a Takoyaki party often at home. Also there is one funny saying that most families have at least one Takoyaki machine in Osaka!This is well known in Japan.

①Chinese dumpling The Takoyaki machine can be used for making Chinese dumplings.Actually it’s easier to steam and has nice forms compared to folding by hand.

②Pancake ball Some people draw animation characters on top of the pancake balls and color these.Many teenagers enjoy cooking this in their free time.

③Omurice balls This is more practical for many mothers who need to make Bento(lunch boxes) for their children usually.It’s a bite size and can be eaten easily.Omuraice is one of the most polular dishes in Japan.

You can find a Takoyaki machine and all of the ingredients in Singapore,I hope that you can have fun with it!


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