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Hanami Season in a Japanese Park🌸

Hanami season is around the corner.🌸😊

Today I would like to introduce my favourite Hanami place in my city Nagoya.💕

The place is called Tsurumai Park.⛲️✨ It is located in central of Nagoya and it is home to about 1,000 cherry blossom trees! 🌸🙌

I used to go there with my friends to enjoy having picnics and chatting.✨

There were great vibes that were something different from usual, many people enjoy meeting new people and sharing their food with others. You can certainly expect to meet local Japanese to have fun together.💁‍♀️🇯🇵

During the Hanami season, Tsurumai Park hosts several Hanami-related events including concerts, tea ceremonies, and a Japanese food festival, so we don’t get bored easily. People can bring their music instruments, and card games to spend whatever they like the whole day.😁

On top of that, interestingly this park is a holy place for POKEMON GO! Player as this park's view from the sky looks like "Monster-Ball”. Many players visit and try to get rare POKEMON there.😀💕

I hope that you enjoy my post, and one day you can visit there


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