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「おつかれさまです!Otsukaresama desu!」 You are now considered a native speaker!

Do you know what you say when you meet someone or when you say goodbye?

They could also be “こんにちは Konnichiwa" “またね Matane" “さよなら Sayounara".

So, what about in a business setting?

In all my years of working in Japan, there is no other word I hear as often as “おつかれさまです Otsukaresama desu"

"おつかれさまです" is appropriate in almost every situation!

To begin, what exactly does "おつかれさまです" mean?

This phrase is used to express gratitude to someone for outstanding/hard work. Its meaning has since been expanded, and it is now also used as a greeting.

This article will explain how to use this word in various business situations.

(1) When arriving and leaving from work;

(2) at the start and end of a meeting;

(3) when drinking with your superiors, seniors, or colleagues.

"Good luck today at work!" "Thank you for working hard today!" I use "おつかれさまです" to express these sentiments.

After completing a large project, I also go to an izakaya (Japanese-style pub) with my boss and coworkers and shouted "おつかれさまです!" while drinking some drinks; it's a really good feeling.

(4) When I have private meetings with my superiors and colleagues.

This depends on the person, but if you want to treat them with respect and courtesy as part of a professional relationship, you should greet them with "おつかれさまです" instead of a casual greeting!

If you are unsure of the greeting to use, you can also use “おつかれさまです".

As previously stated, this is an important and essential greeting in business conversation. It is also used everyday in a variety of situations and by a variety of people. When a foreigner says "おつかれさまです" to me, I honestly feel very happy!


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