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◉The difference between [たのしい] and [おもしろい]◉

You may have learned “たのしい” as “enjoyable” in your lesson.

⇨にほんごの じゅぎょうは たのしいです。

Nihongo no jugyou wa tanoshii desu.

(Japanese lesson is enjoyable.)

Also, you may learn in your lesson “おもしろい” as “interesting”!

⇨にほんごは おもしろいです。

 Nihongo wa omoshiroi desu.

(Japanese is interesting.)

My students sometimes ask me the difference between “たのしい” and “おもしろい”.

Let’s find out together in this post:)


「たのしい」is focus on “activity” and used to explain your feeling when you experience (join) something.

きのうの パーティーは たのしかったです。

Kinou no pa-ti- wa tanoshikatta desu.

(Yesterday’s party was fun / enjoyable)

こどもと サイクリングするのは たのしいです。

Kodomo to saikuringu suru no wa tanoshii desu.

(Cycling with my child is enjoyable.)


「おもしろい」is focus on “things” and used to describe how the thing is, when you watch, read, or experience something.

So, when you talk about アニメ(anime), えいが(movie), and ほん(book), it is more natural to use “ おもしろい”.

あの まんがは おもしろいです。そして にんきです。

Ano manga wa omoshiroi desu. Soshite ninki desu.

(That manga is interesting and popular.)

きのう みた えいがは おもしろかったです。

Kinou mita eiga wa omoshirokatta desu.

(The movie that I watched yesterday was interesting.)

How to use 「たのしい」and「おもしろい」depends on the situation

EX-1) When you recommend your favorite anime to others,

◯この アニメ、とても おもしろいですよ!

Kono anime, totemo omoshiroi desu yo!

△この アニメ、とても たのしいですよ!

Kono anime, totemo tanishii desu yo!

It is more natural to use「おもしろい」in this situation, since you want to talk about and focus on the anime itself.

EX-2) When you talk about your しゅみ(shumi: hobby),

◯アニメを みている ときが いちばん たのしいです:)

Anime o miteiru tokiga ichiban tanoshii desu.

(It is the most enjoyable time for me to watch anime.)

△アニメを みている ときが いちばん おもしろいです:)

Anime o miteiru tokiga ichiban omoshiroi desu.

It is more natural to use「たのしい」in this situation, since you want to express about your feeling when you watch anime!

どうでしたか。(How’s my explanation?)

にほんごは むずかしいですが、おもしろいですね

I hope you enjoy learning and talking Japanese



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