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Snow is great. but not all snow is created equal.

Do you know something called powder snow?

It refers to very fine snow which you can fall down and never get hurt as it is very fluffy!

If you want to see powder snow, why don’t you go to Niseko to ski this January?

Niseko is a small town in Japan's Hokkaido region.

It is a winter destination popular with skiers from around the world. It is best known for its super fine snow suitable for winter sports.

Even if you are not familiar with winter sports there are plenty of skiing courses that are suitable for inexperienced skiers. So, don’t worry!

Skiing down the mountains covered with pure white snow sure is a great feeling!

After you enjoy winter sports, why don’t you enjoy an onsen nearby to soak your body to relax!

It’s a winter-wonderland you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Kazuya Suzuki

Tomo Japanese Language School


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