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Japanese "at home" dishes available near Tomo

What do you think the Japanese food is?🇯🇵

You can list up some dishes, for example sushi, tempura or maybe sukiyaki too.🍣

Then let me ask the second question. What do you think Japanese people usually eat?😋

It may cause some suprise for you that none of sushi, tempura nor sukiyaki is our usual food option.

This is very similar to your, Singaporeans feeling for Chili Crab.🦀

It is also very famous as national cusine and we actually eat it but not daily.😅

So, what we, Japanese eat more daily say at home is grilled fish.🐟

I personally have loved to eat it and requested my family to cook grilled fish everyday.😂

Now near to our school, a restaurant called "Gyo-Gyo" opened.

"Gyo-Gyo" means Fishing-industry.🎣

As the name suggests, their speciality is fish dishes especially grilled fish.

My recommendation is Samma(Pacific

saury) grilled with salt. It tasted very similar to what I loved to have at home.🥰

If you have chance, try Japanese "house-style" dishes!🥢



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