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If you are starving, eat this!

Have you ever heard of "Ramen Jiro"?

I would like to introduce you to this ramen today.

In Japan, this is one of the most famous ramen genres, especially amongst the working people and university students. I am one of those who are obsessed with this ramen.

The soup is filled with oil, the noodles are thick and elastic like rubber, the pork is huge like in a comic book, the vegetables are almost overflowing, and the pork lard sits elegantly on top of the noodles.

You can have Ramen Jiro at "Brothers Ramen" at Tanjong Pagar, located on the first floor of International Plaza, they call it "Megamen"

The normal size of this ramen will certainly fill the stomach of an average man. I used to eat twice of this amount when I was a university student.

I still go to this shop 2~3 times a month, and it reminds me of the nostalgic memories when I was a student.

I always order extra pork lard and garlic on a separate plate. The way to eat them is to add them to the ramen little by little.

If you are starving, Ramen Jiro is the go-to!! It doesn't matter if you are male or female! Once you try it, you will be hooked!

Please try it!


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