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Have you seen the "HANABI" ad in the city?

Hi, guys!

Have you seen the "HANABI" ad in the city?

It is the "STAR ISLAND FUTURE HANABI ENTERTAINMENT" will soon be held at Marina Bay.

In fact, the event is presented by JCB, a Japanese credit card company, and organised by avex, a Japanese music company!

The event was cancelled for the past two years due to the COVID-19, but the event will finally take place this year

This show is a futuristic fireworks entertainment event from Japan, synchronizing traditional Japanese fireworks with "cutting-edge technology" such as 3D sound, laser lighting, and “performance.

Originally, at traditional Japanese fireworks shows, each shot is quietly launched one by one.

In this show, however, the pace of the fireworks is overwhelmingly fast and the number of shots is large.

Moreover, they are perfectly linked to the music, the tempo of the show, and the storyline!

The show is described as futuristic, and the extravagance of the performance is breathtaking

Although tickets must be purchased to actually enjoy the event on the day of the event, a free admission event "Prequel to STAR ISLAND" is also being held at the MBS Event Plaza around the venue from yesterday, 25 December to 30, where visitors can experience the world view of "STAR ISLAND”

At the end of the year, if you had a fun experience during your holiday, why don't you go?

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