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Have you been to Hello Arigato before?

Hello Arigato is a Japanese-Style sandowich Cafe, and they are famous for their Beef Sado

Yesterday I went to their second branch in Joo Chiat and ordered Beef sando with my friends.

The Beef sando was very delicious and there was really no wonder why people go crazy for it! It was extremely juicy and I loved the overall sweet and sour flavours.

After we were done with the Beef Sando, we ordered a Matcha latte to continue chatting. The Matcha latte was authentic and I liked the balance of tastes it offered I could taste the bitter taste of Machha combined with the sweetness of the milk.

Beside these, Hello Arigato offers quite an interesting concept that stands out amongst other cafes. They have unique books, accessories and Sake, it is very suitable for spending time with your friends.

I hope that you will try it one day and share your experience with us.


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