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Don Don Donki in Japan🇯🇵

Minasan konnichiwa!

Today, I'd like to talk about Don Don Donki, which I'm sure you all love! Have you ever been to Don Don Donki in Japan? 🤔

Actually, the name of Don Don Donki in Japan is different from the name in Singapore.

In Japan, it is called "Don Quijote." They tried to use the name Don Quijote in Singapore as well, but there was already a store with that name.

So, they changed the name to Don Don Donki.

Also, the theme song that is always played at Don Don Donki is different. The Japanese theme song is "Don Don Donki~Don Quijote 🎶," but here it’s “Don Don Donki, Don Don Donki 🎶”.

There are also other differences between Japanese and Singaporean Donki stores.

Singaporean Donkis have a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and other fresh foods.

However, while Japanese Donkis have plenty of other food and household items, I don't think they have as many vegetables and fruits as the Singaporean stores do.

But Japanese Donkis offer a wide range of products including daily necessities, groceries, electronics, fashion items, cosmetics, toys, stationery, pet supplies, and furniture.

This allows customers to fulfill many needs in one shopping trip, making it a one-stop destination for almost everything!

Another feature of Japanese Don Quijote stores is that most of them are open 24 hours a day.

Therefore, if something happens, Japanese people often tend to go to the nearest Don Quijote store.

I encourage everyone to pay attention to the song and the different selection of goods when you visit a Japanese Donki! 🇯🇵"



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