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Do you like Chicken rice?

If yes, can you continue to eat it for 1000 DAYS!?

The other day, I saw an interesting news on Yahoo Japan. A Japanese man went to a restaurant every day and ate “Gyudon(Beef rice bowl)” for 1000 days!

Gyudon is a Japanese dish in which thinly sliced beef and onions are simmered in soy sauce and placed on top of rice

I love "Gyudon" too, but I can't keep eating it for 1000 days. But I guess there are quite a few Japanese who eat Gyudon several times a week. It has a status like chicken rice in Singapore!

The famous restaurant is Yoshinoya, which is also in Singapore, but the restaurant that the man in the news went to is Sukiya. Sukiya just entered the Singapore market last year, and when it first opened, there were lines of people waiting in line every day. I love Sukiya's Gyudon

I especially love the different toppings they offer on top of Gyudon, my favorite being the Melted Cheese Gyudon! The cheese flavor that spreads when you eat it and the sweet and spicy soy sauce taste are perfect!

There are also other a la carte toppings like half-boiled egg and Grated Daikon & Ponzu Sause so you can customize Gyudon to your liking.

I urge you all to try one of Sukiya's Gyudon You might just get hooked on its taste and keep eating it for 1000 days.


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