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Do you know "Kinosaki Onsen"?

This time, I'd like to show you to Kinosaki Onsen, a hot spring resort close to my hometown that has everything you could possibly want in terms of hot springs, landscape, and food.

You all adore the snow, I know it! Nothing compares to taking a hot spring bath in a snowy setting! I visit these hot spring resorts every year since I despise the cold of winter but adore hot springs in the cold!

You can even have a private outdoor bath if you stay at a ryokan, a hotel that is built in the traditional Japanese style. Even if you don't appreciate being among a lot of people, you may unwind and take in the scenery here! It's also pleasant and calming to spend time with yourself.

Let's move on to the ryokan now! Ryokans provide "kotatsu," a traditional Japanese heating device, in the winter. Enjoy some Japanese food while progressively warming up your entire body, beginning with your chilly feet. You can never leave the kotatsu once you enter it.

Japanese food is the last. Crab is, after all, quite good right now! Crab meals are also served in Singapore and Japan, where fresh crab is boiled and served with a unique sauce. I hope you'll dress up as a Japanese person in a yukata at a ryokan and eat the actual crab there!

It's now in season! Why not go to Japan in the winter if you have some free time? I'm eager to hear your thoughts!


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