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Autumn is coming (in Japan)!🍁


It's October and we are starting to enter the autumn season (it's summer in Singapore😅).

Have you ever heard the words 'MOMIJI' or 'KOYO'?

Momiji refers to the autumn leaves and koyo refers to the change of colour as the leaves fall.🍁🍁

The autumn leaf colour season in Japan is from October to November.🗒️

In Hokkaido, where I come from, the autumn leaves have already started to change and are at their best by mid-October. When I was a child, my parents took me to Sounkyo. Sounkyo is a canyon in Kamikawa, Hokkaido, with a series of sheer cliffs stretching for about 24 km.

There are many waterfalls, and the view of them flowing through the coloured leaves is spectacular.🤩

If you are planning to visit Hokkaido during this month, please put it on your schedule!🙌

If you can't go in October, the best time to visit is in November if you go to the mainland.

In Tokyo, for example, the ginkgo trees in Meiji Jingu Gaien are recommended.

When the 146 ginkgo trees turn yellow, they form a golden tunnel, and when they fall, they form a yellow carpet for visitors to enjoy.😊 I went to see it when I was a university student in Tokyo and was impressed by the unusual scenery.

Even if it is the same place, it will look different depending on the day and time of year. Do you have any recommendations for places to visit? I hope you enjoy autumn in Japan!


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