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Here are some educational and non-academic Apps which are useful in helping you learn Japanese language and culture better.


Please note that Tomo Japanese Language Centre does not endorse these Apps and their related companies. We are recommending them purely based on our own experiences in using them. 

Japanese by Renzo Inc for iOS, Japanese for Android by Spacehamster

Good Japanese dictionary for basic and intermediate learners .

Definitions of words are accurate , enough good example sentences with furigana, which allows you to check pronunciation of the kanji in example sentences and easy to check pronouce of kanji by handwriting.

For Android user, 'Japanese' App might be equivalent to Japanese by Renzo.

Japanese _Hiragana hk2006

Now we live with smartphone , and I can say some good app might help you to learn Japanese .

Japanese _ Hiragana hk2006 is really good app for iPhone and Android user. With this,  you can learn hiragana. And to be important , its made by a (real) Japanese native.


For people who want to prounce Japanese perfectly

神(god), 紙(paper), 髪( hair )
性格(character), 正確(precise)
雨(rain), 飴(candy)

There are countless homonymys in Japanese. Of course from context  you can guess correct meaning. But still its better to pronounce with correct accent. If you are interested in pnounce, then NHK日本語発音アクセント辞典 is suitable dictionary. That's available in iTunes and Google Play ( ¥3000!!! Expensive! If you want to try before purchase, you can try that on my iPhone)

PS: Some good E-dictipnary contains this dictionary.


If you love cooking and are interested in cooking Japanese food with Japanese recipe, Cookpad is a good website to use!


Cookpad doesn't necessarily teach authentic Japanese foods but also homemade Japanese food. While cooking, you can learn Japanese too - that's killing two birds with one stone! 


PS: Cookpad also has an English website, but it has only recipes for normal Western food.








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