A Dictionary of Japanese Particles

Particles... this is the first thing you need to swallow to master Japanese language. You probably have learned /are learing particles, but you might feel confused about the grammar. There are some reasons that you might get confused. 

1) There is no substituon of particles in English and Chinese.

2) You might have a prejudice for particles

3) You have not learned particles systematically 


With regards to point 3, Japanese language teachers tend to teach particles severally. Of course, it is not culpable, because it's effective to learn particles bit by bit, and from easy ones. But I believe we should sort out and review particles systematically when you finish basic level. If you have passed JLPT N3, and are thinking of passing JLPT N2, please use this dictionary and review particles by yoursef. You don't need to read this dictionary from first page. At first, you can use it as a special dictionary for particles, and after you feel like sorting out particles that you have learned, read a chapter of certain particles. 

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