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After completing Basic Course, you may be eligible for N5 exam. Our main focus is Conversational skills for our students in Tomo Japanese Language School. We also welcome students who are not keen in taking JLPT exam to join us for Japanese conversation learning :)


1 term ( 10 lessons ) $390 +Textbook fee
(At tomo, administrative/registration/other hidden fees are not required)


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Please note that if you join an ongoing class, the school fee will be pro-rated (ie, pay for remaining number of lessons in the term). 

As you progress up the levels, you can continue to attend lessons in the same timeslot. This is because the level of the Course for each particular timeslot will change progressively (ie, from Beginner → Basic → Intermediate, etc) so you will be able to keep to your preferred timeslot during your course of study at Tomo Japanese Language School. [Learn more]


Beginner Course is for totally new learners who have no prior knowledge of Japanese; Basic Course (Part 1) is for those who have studied Japanese for about 3 months and know Basic Japanese & Hiragana. 

We welcome both new and experienced Japanese language learners of various levels. If you are unsure of which level you should choose, please

contact us using the form below for a complimentary consultation.