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Frequent Expression! ”Nounにします”📝

When deciding when and where to meet a friend, when asking a friend what music to sing at karaoke, when confirming what to order at a restaurant, and so on.

All of these scenarios are common in everyday living, right?

All of this is possible with just one bit of Basic level grammar.👍

Today, I'd like to introduce a very helpful grammar, “Noun にします".

When making a decision, this grammar is used.

When asking when, where, what, or by whom a decision is taken, the question words "なん(what), いつ(when), どこ(where), だれ(who)," etc. are used.

Let's look at some real-life examples!💡

(1) When deciding what to eat at a restaurant🥘

A: なん にしますか。(What would you like to have?)

B: Copi にします。(I will have a Copi.)☕️

(2) When selecting a song at a karaoke bar🎤

A: なんのうた にしますか。(What song do you sing?)

B: Maroon5 のSugarにします。(I will go with Sugar by Maroon5.)🎶

(3) When deciding on a plan🗓️

A: いつ/どこ にしますか。(When and where will we see them?)

B: 2じ にしましょう。(We'll see at 2:00)🕐

(4) When deciding who will be in charge💼

A: だれ にしますか。(Who do you want in charge?)

B: たいちさん にしましょう。(Let's place Mr. Taichi in charge.)

Some may question if the following sentences are also acceptable.❓

(1) When deciding what to order at a restaurant

A: なにを のみますか。(What would you like to have?)

B: Copiを のみます。(I will have a Copi.)

In actual communication, there is no major issue because both sides are aware of the context.

However, “Noun にします" is a grammar that focuses on "deciding on" something.

It appears more natural in the preceding case.

In both my personal and professional life, I frequently use this phrase.

I hope you will give it a shot as well!🍀


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