Order of A Sentence

Read the following sentences and observe the differences:

1)「バスで友達とAng Mo Kio に行きます」(By bus with my friend I go to Ang Mo Kio)

2)「友達とバスでAng Mo Kio に行きます」(With my friend by bus I go to Ang Mo Kio)

3)「Ang Mo Kioに友達とバスで行きます」(To Ang Mo Kio with my friend by bus I go)

Which sentence is correct? Actually, all of them are correct =) But I'm sure you are thinking what the differences between each of them are.

If you want to emphasise that you are going to Ang Mo Kio by bus, (not MRT, taxi or car), sentence 1 is the most suitable because 「バスで」 ("by bus') is at the start of the sentence.

Based on this logic, you can see that in sentence 3, the emphasis is Ang Mo Kio (not Bishan, Woodlands or anywhere else).

But you need to end a sentence with verb so you cannot say

4) 「行きます Ang Mo Kio に友達とバスで」(Go to Ang Mo Kio with my friend by bus)

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