The BIG differrence between へ and に

1. オーチャードへ行きます。 2. オーチャードに行きます。 Whats the difference between へ and に?If your Japanese teacher says that they are the same, please reconsider. Example sentence 1 above is the simple form of the sentence. And what about sentence 2? This sentence has some 'hidden meaning' in the sentence.

オーチャードに行きます。(for shopping, or to meet my friend, etc) When the sentence uses “に”, it is implying that there's another/other purpose(s) to do in Orchard. If you are mentioning to just go to Orchard, and that's your purpose, you can use 'へ'. But usually people don't think much about such rules and even some Japanese teachers don't know the differences. ; they use them randomly, unfortunately.

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