Say "You're welcome" in Japanese

How do you say "You're welcome" in Japanese ? Casual phrase 1) だいじょうぶ daijoubu That’s ok

2)問題ないよ mondai nai yo No problem 3)気にしないで ki ni shinai de Any time

Formal phrase 4)いえいえ ieie (This basically means, "Not at all." It is a commonly used phrase; "No" is simply repeated twice, but because it's uttered very fast, the vowel "i" becomes short. So, instead of "Iie, iie", it becomes "Ieie".)

No problem

5)どういたしまして douitashi mashite

You’re welcome

6) かまいません kamaimasen

Not at all

7)とんでもございません tondemo gozaimasen You’re very welcome

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